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    Reader not allowing digital signatures


      I have Adobe Acobat 9. I created a form and left it with no security. I am trying to get Acrobat Reader, whether it is version X, or the reader plug-in's in a web browser to be able to let a user add a digital signature in the form along with filling-in it's other fields, then saved and sent to us.


      Here are the document properties as shown in Acrobat9 -->  Acrobat 9 Doc Properties.jpg


      And here are the properties as shown in Firefox using it's

      default plug-in (although in Acrobat X it is the same way): -->  Adobe Reader properties.jpg


      What do I need to do in Adobe Acrobat 9 to make sure this form (and others), can be opened, fields filled-in, digital signature added, and saved, so a person can save the form and email it to us (it is a volunteer/intern form) ???