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    Unexpected dimming of clips

    Paul Ciotti2

      While making a five minute video of my hometown in Premiere Elements 9, suddenly half the clips in my project got about 30% dimmer. It was as if everything I shot in fuill sunlight had rather been shot at twilight. At the time I was simply moving some clips around in the timeline or the screenline. Then suddenly all the clips from the point where I was working to the end of the project went dim on me.


      I expect I accidentally hit some button, menu, control, whatever. But which one?


      All suggestions deeply appreciated.

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          Check to see if you accidently altered the opacity.  Right click on the item in the timeline and select properties, then find opacity in the properties box.  You probably want it to be 100%.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Along the lines of the above response, look at the orange-yellow line (rubberband), that runs through the Clips. Compare its position in the "good" Clips, to the position in the "bad" Clips. They will very likely NOT match up. That shows that Opacity has been altered in the bad Clips. This can happen all too easily, if one accidentally clicks on that rubberband, when trying to Move a Clip. One should not work too quickly, and make sure that when they click on a Clip, they have Selected the Clip, and not the Opacity (default display) of the Clip. This nails me, when I am going too quickly.


            Good luck,




            PS - one can also Select the Clip, go to Effects, then Edit Effects, and look at the Opacity setting there.

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              Paul Ciotti2 Level 1

              Bob and Hunt were Johnny On The Spot and fixed my problem immediately. Thanks guys.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Yes, you have to watch those danged "rubberbands." The same thing with the Volume rubberband in Audio Clips. I seem to "grab" them more often, than I should. Just clumsy clicking on my part.


                Thanks for letting us know that this fixed the situation and happy editing,