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    Play Actions on opened documents?


      I've made some actions in the Actions-tab in Photoshop CS4 (they put together three textures, one for team-colors, one for shadows and the normal color-map) for a game-project. I've then made a JavaScript-file that goes through a folder and opens these files by the post-fixes "_tem.dds", "_ocl.dds" and "_dif.dds".


      Now I simply want to apply that action from the Actions-tab (I later plan to save the files at the end of the loop with a new pre-fix) but I can't find a function for it. I've been going through the samples and have found functions like "applyFilter" so it seem there should be one for actions as well. I've also been going through the JavaScript Tools Guide without any luck.


      I'd really like to know how to apply actions through scripts (or an alternative, there are like 40 actions though so I rather not write them all into the script like "applyFilter" etc.), but also since I'm not done is there a more complete API? I've Googled and the JavScript Tools Guide seem to be recommended, but for example that applyFilter isn't listed anywhere in there.

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          The 'JavaScript Tools Guide' is for all the things outside of any specific application… Such as file system access, xmp, xml scriptUI and so on… Each app then has a guide to it's specific DOM. You should have a pdf within your Photoshop application folder that will detail all of what is available inside of Photoshop. You can also use the OMV object model viewer which is in menubar/help of the ESTK depending on what version you are using…




          The command takes 2 string parameters that are case sensitive…