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    Bonetool problem - Please do help!

    MistahNovaNova Level 1

      First of all, thank you very much for clicking on this link.

      If you got the same problem, please post on the theard to get it higher up so the problem will be solved faster.


      Anyways, over to the problem;


      I create three objects in an arm (or a leg): Upper, Lower and hand.


      When I connect these three with the bonetool, the order they're put in gets backwards.





      As you see, the three objects have changed order, making the hand at top, lowerarm in middle and upperarm at bottom.


      So if you know how to fix this problem, so upperarm is at top, lowerarm is at middle and hand is at bottom, please do post!

      Also please feel free to post if you got the same problem, so the theard stays at the top.