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    book shelves


      I have books in the bookshelves on my computer.

      I can transfer individual  books to my e.reader but is it not possible to transfer the bookshelves themselves?

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          One book at a time.



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            rital90 Level 1

            but how do I transfer the bookshelf?

            It is not possible to create bookshelves in the sony e.reader.

            I have used Sony reader library up to now and I could transfer new bookshelves from that, but that has gone kaput.

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              SONY's Reader Library is different software.  It creates a unique file

              format called '.lit' for ebooks.  The SONY software can transfer a .lit

              bookshelf to your ereader, but ADE cannot.


              The default configuration for your SONY Reader Library software is that

              will manage .ascm and .epub files also.  If you choose, you can say NO, and

              then another ebook software (ADE) can manage those types of files/books.  If

              you choose YES, The Reader Library software will manage them also.  I am not

              sure that the Reader Library software will transfer epub files in bulk.


              IT's not just a question of whether you can move an entire bookshelf at one

              time.  You have to decide whether to wed yourself to SONY or not.  If you

              do, you'll be bound to them for your ebooks.  I have a PRS-300, and I've

              decided to use ADE to manage mine because I have a much wider range of

              sources to choose from.



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                rital90 Level 1

                Thanks, I appreciate the help.

                I did like using the Reader Library but for some reason I am not able to do so any more,

                so I am using ADE.