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    [AS] Packaging script bug: text links problem

    leo.r Level 1


      I just encountered a bizarre bug that happens when packaging a document  with AppleScript. The bug affects only non-graphic links  (text/xml/InCopy).

      In brief:
      When you use AppleScript to package a document with text links, the text  links in the ORIGINAL document are getting relinked to the PACKAGE  folder.

      -Open/create a document with text links
      -Run the following script:

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5" to package document 1 to  <package folder path> copying fonts yes copying linked graphics  no copying profiles no updating graphics no ignore preflight errors yes  creating report no including hidden layers yes

      -Now check the text links in the original document: they will point to the package folder.

      If you use Undo right away, the links will actually be restored to their original location.

      Hope it can be fixed!

      Leo Revzin


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