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    flex application which creates components in loaded swf from flash professional

    infeter Level 1

      hello everybody.


      1. i have an fla file (regular Flash binary source file).

      2. i publish it to swf.

      3. then i load this swf into flex application.

      4. then i need to create some flex containers, flex buttons etc in this loaded swf.


      the problem is i think that:

      a. fla needs to inherit some custom class as its base class to work in flex and be ready to add flex components inside it,

      b. i've also read that if i want to add flex buttons or flex containers inside movieclips in this fla - then these movieclips needs to extend something too.


      please drop me some light on such dynamic intagration. what classes etc this fla and movieclips in this fla need to inherit etc...