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    Can someone help me add hyperlink to these buttons?


      Please check my site:


      I am using a pre-designed flash template and have been able to add hyperlink to "HOME PAGE" , "ABOUT US", "SERVICES", "CONTACT US" pages but I'm having trouble adding it to "Testimonials", "Glossary", "Career", "FAQ" ....


      Can someone please check the .fla file and try to see if it's possible to add the hyperlinks?


      .fla file: http://www.rnkprofessionalcorporation.com/add.jpg/Flash_2.fla


      Here are the links for each text:

      Testimonials: http://www.rnkprofessionalcorporation.com/add.jpg/testimonials.php

      Glossary: http://www.rnkprofessionalcorporation.com/add.jpg/glossary.php

      Career: http://www.rnkprofessionalcorporation.com/add.jpg/career.php

      FAQ: http://www.rnkprofessionalcorporation.com/add.jpg/faq.php