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    printing quanties


      I just upgraded to PSCS5 from cs3. Win7 pro 64bit. All is well till I start printing. I print to 2 R1900s. The process goes like this: When I change the number of prints to, say, 3. The printer will print one print. The next time I try to print that image, it will print 3 regardless of the quantity input. From then on the quantity will be one job behind, printing the quantity that was last entered.

      The other problem occurs when I switch printers. The profile will switch from SPR Premium Luster, (the one I choose), to Stylus Photo R1900 (no good).
      I never had these issues when printing from CS3. Any ideas?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You have found, as others have, that with some printer drivers the settings changes you make (e.g., number of prints) seem to be staged in some intermediate place, so what happens is that the number of copies you wanted for this print will end up happening for the next print. This happens with other settings as well.


          There's a workaround being reported that causes the settings values to be transmitted to the printer without actually going through the print process... This works for some folks:


          • File - Print in Photoshop.
          • In the Photoshop Print dialog, set the number of Copies.
          • Click the [Print Settings...] button.
          • [OK] out of the printer settings dialog.
          • Now click [ Print ].


          See also this thread:  http://forums.adobe.com/thread/835654