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    Problem occur when resize the image after rotated


      I am doing some work on image processing, which have two functions, resize and rotate image on center.

      My image is inside a group container, and i use the rotate effect in flex 4 to rotate the image. It works.


      Then i use the resize effect in flex 4 to decrease the size of the image, i find the image resize on its top left corner.

      To make it resize on center, i write some code to move the image to a rigth coordination.


                //fotoBox is the group container and the foto is the target image

                fotoBox.foto.x = (fotoBox.width - fotoBox.foto.width)/2;

                fotoBox.foto.y = (fotoBox.height - fotoBox.foto.height)/2;


      However, it work only if the image is not rotated


      How can i resize the rotated image on center?

      This problem has bothered me a whole week. Thank you.