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    After Effects Layer Mask Question.


      Hi there,


      I am a novice and will try to explain this clearly

      I was using this tutorial as a guide on making lightsaber effects. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ7dC0gWzG0 at 7:44 of the video he explains how to make the effect go behind the video using a mask...... but not using his video, im using another clip. anways....



      "Layer 3" has my video. I have the saber effect on "layer 2", at one point during the timeline i made a new solid layer mask using the pen tool on "layer 1" so the saber effect on "layer 2" can pass behind the main video image, i trimmed the in and out points for this(works pefectly).

      My question is, can I add another solid to the "layer 1" mask later in the timeline so the saber effect on "layer 2" can pass behind the next point where it needs to pass behind?

      The problem i had is that for this mask to work "layer 1" seems to have to be directly on top of "layer 2". I tried making a new solid mask but since it was not directly above "layer 2" it would not work. So, I wonder how do I make another mask on layer 1?