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    Trouble with mov Photo JPEG

    qseep Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I need to edit Photo JPEG and MJPEG files in Quicktime (mov) format on Windows 7 in Premiere Pro CS5. When I play the files from Quicktime player, they play fine, in 1280x720. But when I import them into Premiere or Adobe Media Encoder, it tells me they are 160x120. If I scale them up I just get jaggy blurry artifacts. Actually I've noticed in Quicktime that they'll open by default as 160x120, and only when I select "Normal Size" do they play at 1280x720. These files also played just fine in VLC even before I installed Quicktime.


      Any idea why Premiere thinks they are 160x120? How can I get it to recognize these files at the correct size of 1280x720?