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    'Preparing data for exporting' takes forever (Urgent, please help)




      I'm currrently editing a 1920x800 anamorphic Full HD project on Premiere Pro CS5. The original full HD clips were replaced with AE-comps using Dynamic link for color grading. The project is 15 minutes long and mainly consists of linked AE-comps. The sound is filled with gunshot sound effects, music and original recorded audio. That audio is also linked with Soundbooth for some postwork.


      Here's the problem: when i hit the 'Export' on Premiere pro I get the window, i choose my settings (H.264 10 mbps) and then when I hit the 'Qeue' button it shows the progress bar 'Preparing data for export' and Media Encoder starts up normally. The problem is nothing happens afterwards. The project doesn't get loaded in AME and the progress bar keeps on telling forever that it's 'preparing data for export' Normally this process only takes up a minute or 2 max. How can i fix this?


      Editing rig:

      27 inch imac

      4 gigs ram

      2.53 i5 processor

      ATI 4850


      Please help me with this, my deadline is within 4 hours

      Thank you!