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    .GIF image automatically deleted by RH 8.02

    LPratap Level 1


      I have an image called dash.gif, which is being deleted by RH once I generate the project.

      This happens only with RH installed on my PC ( and not my collegues PC).



      The issue is temporarily fixed if I reinstall RH, but starts doing the same after few days. This strangley happens only with this gif image, which is used as a bullet in some topics.


      Any clue why?

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          MergeThis Level 4

          By "deleted," do you mean that it remains in the source project, but does not get generated to the output location?


          If so, that might be because the image is not actually being called within a topic, but only in your style sheet. Therefore, the image must be added to the Baggage Files folder; only then will RH pass the image through to the output.



          Good luck,