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    Unable to remove Accordion child based on Flash Island property

    Ameya Mogare Level 1



      I have created a SAP WD Flash island which has isPilotUser as a Bindable public boolean type property.

      This is bound to WD context attribute of same type.


      Depending on this isPilotUser, I have to remove two children of accordion in flex.


      In flex-->

      <ao:HAccordionIcons id="MainAccordion" width="100%" height="100%" styleName="AoAccordion"


                                  leftIcon="@Embed(source='assets/RightArrow.png')" rightIcon="@Embed(source='assets/LeftArrow.png')"
                                  selectedIcon="@Embed(source='assets/UpArrow.png')" textSelectedColor="0xD21241"

                               initialize="MainAccordion_onInitialize()" >


                     <mx:HDividedBox id="AboutMeHDBox" label="ABOUT ME" width="100%" height="100%" liveDragging="true"
                                  horizontalGap="4" horizontalScrollPolicy="off">




      In script-->

              private function MainAccordion_onInitialize():void{


                  Alert.show(isPilotUser.toString(), 'isPilotUser', Alert.OK);
                  if(isPilotUser == false){


      But at runtime, I observe that isPilotUser is always 'false' (even though WD is passing it as true or false).

      I checked the property name in WD and varible name in flex, it is same.


      Is data from SAP flash island loaded AFTER initialize event of Accordion??


      Any idea what is going wrong here?


      Please help.