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    CS5 Upgrade - Keeps asking for Serial


      I'm upgrading a colleague's CS3 Design Premium with a CS5 Design Premium install. I've purchased the upgrade from our Adobe Reseller and downloaded CS5. I installed it (putting in the serial number given on the Licencing website for CS5) and it seemed happy enough and kept instlalling for about half an hour.


      When it had finished I opened Photoshop CS5 and it's prompting me to say trial 30 days or enter a serial, so I enter the serial again - it gets a nice green tick, cool, no, not cool the same thing comes up after I accept the terms and conditions. I foolishly think perhaps it needs to be done multiple times due to the components in CS5 - I've done it about 8 times and it's stll the same situation!


      So, I Google it and find out Adobe reckons I need to use the CS3 licence number, I've dug out what I'm 99% sure is the CS3 serial number and put this in - it gives me an orange triangle and telsl me it's invalid. (not a red cross).


      Not sure what to do next really. If I try to open CS3 to see what hte licence key is (I believe you can see it partially?) it just states it needs to be reinstalled due to a catastrophic failure.


      Any help or guidance guys? - I have two other CS4-5 upgrades to do as well, hoping they will be a little easier

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          RobPEIr Level 1

          So I think I may have fixed this. The problem it seems was with the original CS3 which wasn't loading properly - due to a licensing error it seems.


          I followed a blog post which had about 8 different steps to fix it, trying them in order, the only one that worked was renaming a database file which seemed to trigger it to load properly, and ask for hte serial. I popped this in and CS3 was working again. Loaded CS5 and input hte new serial, that seems to have sorted it.


          On a side note, on both ths version and a colleagues CS4-CS5 updated version it seems that updates are disabled? - They're just greyed out witn no option to run them :/