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    TaskSearchFilter.addCondition IN operator




      I have a question regarding TaskSearchFilter.addCondition() method


      http://livedocs.adobe.com/livecycle/es/sdkHelp/programmer/javadoc/com/adobe/idp/taskmanage r/dsc/client/query/TaskSearchFilter.html#addCondition%28%29


      How to use this method with operator "IN" (Operator.IN) ?


      Let's say we what to list all task with status assigned (3) or deadlined (101) (sum of sets).


      How to add this condition using TaskSearchFilter ?


      tsf.addCondition(TaskSearchingConstants.pSTATUS, Operator.IN, <WHAT HERE>, Connective.AND)



      What should be in place of <WHAT HERE>?

      An array of Strings {"3","101"} or ints {1, 101}?

      Or maby List of Integer obecjt ?


      Please do not post solution :


      tsf.addCondition(TaskSearchingConstants.pSTATUS, Operator.EQUALS, 3)

      tsf.addCondition(TaskSearchingConstants.pSTATUS, Operator.EQUALS, 101, Connective.OR)


      I'm interested in solution with collection of values and "IN" operator.