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    Creating an Extras menu selection


      Hello there,


      I was wondering if anybody can help me with this.


      I want to create an Extras menu select option on the title menu of my film. Here will be extra footage and other bonus material.

      Firstly, I understand how the menu markers and scene markers work, but am confused on how to achieve this set up.


      My extras footage are in seperate projects to the main film. My first attempt was exporting the extras footage and placing into

      the main project where my feature film is and added it on to the end, placing a menu marker at the start of the extras footage.


      This worked, but I obviously dont want the extra footage to play directly after the film once its finished, but will do as its in the same project as the feature film.

      I hope that makes sense?


      basicly this is what options I need on the main menu screen:


      -Feature Film > Play


      -Extras > (once selected the following options are avaliable in the extras menu)


      >Bonus footage


      >Making of


      >Interviews with cast and director


      So its set up is typical to most dvds today. If anyone knows how to achieve this please get in touch, or at least tell me if its possible or not.


      Kind Regards



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Unfortunately, the authoring features of PrE is rather linear and is also semi-automatic. Even slightly intricate navigation is not possible. I strongly suggest that you look into Sony's DVD Architect for your Project. It is a US$ 39 program for download. It will allow you to do so much more, than PrE can, in this regard.


          For the vast majority of users, PrE's authoring is just what they want, and is simple to use. However, in that simplicity, lie limitations.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            It is correct to put all your footage into the project timeline. What you must do is to use the 'Stop' marker at the end of the your main film. The stop marker returns you to the main menu so will not automatically play your extras.




            However do NOT put a stop marker at the very end of the timeline - PRE automatically returns to the menu at the very end of the timeline and adding a stop marker there usually crashes the encoding process.


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