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    Need help with designing form for exports


      I am pretty new to designing form in adobe acrobat.
      I have adobe acrobat 9 standard with Adobe liveCycle Designer installed.


      There are couple of things I want to do.


      I would like to add a box where I can change the number (default is 1), and when I increase it, (for instance to two)
      it will postulate the particular sections twice.


      For instance, I am taking two drugs right now, then I would like to increase the number of drugs to 2, so then for each drug
      I would enter appropriate information such as drug name, drug form, route of drug administration etcs


      I hope this is clear


      I am trying to export this in xml format so that only the ones where the user fills in in pdf form gets exported to xml format.
      I would like the boxes to have its own tag, for instance the drug name mentioned above can have a tag of <drugname></drugname>
      I know this is possible through changing the box's name in binding tab.
      What I am interested in is to add a tag for the section, like a header.


      For example, if I were to enter two drug information I want the first drug information to be exported to be






      how would I add <drug> </drug> for each drug?


      also, can I change the order of the tags??
      in the pdf form, if the drugname box is displayed later than drugroute box, then when I export it, it will display as


      but I want to manually set the order of tags when exported.


      Sorry I asked so many questions
      I hope it is clear enough for you to visualize what I am trying to do


      Thank you so much

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          pguerett Level 6

          1. You can certainly add sections for the number of drugs that the user specifies pr

          ovided that the form is set up the correct way to begin with. The drug information section must be wrapped in a subform (usually Poistioned) and that in turn must be wrapped in a flowed subform. Then the form must be saved as dynamic. If this information is all that is on the form then that shoudl be all you need to do. If th edrug section is in the middle of the form then you need to wrap the other parts of the form in a subform so they can be pushed down when we add the drug subforms. It can get confusing ...seeing the form amnd its structure would help to clarify.


          2. You canbnot change the names of tags on the fly but you can change their values. AS mentioned above, when you wrap the Drug information in a subform that subform name can be used as a tag in the XML. Then you could have a node with the tag (or an attribute) that names the drug in question. Something like this:


          <Drug Section>





               </Drug Subform>






          </Drug Section>


          As mentioned earlier this is always easier to explain when you see it in context of your form.....if you want to send it to me at LiveCycle8@gmail.com I can get you started at least. Please include a description of your issue in the email