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    AdvancedDataGrid problem with 1 child


      I'm having a strange issue with my AdvancedDataGrid.  I have a pretty basic (no frills) XML file that I'm pulling the data from and trying to create a hierarchical view in my ADG.  It mostly works, but when my top level node only has one child I see the folder icon but no twistee to see the second level of data.  If there's no second level or 2 or more it looks and works just fine.  Has anyone run into this before or maybe I have it set up wrong?  Here's some of the code:





      <item item_id="4" title="First Document Title 33.1" author="Mark Pusateri" pubDate="4/10/2011">

      <tag name="Advisory" type="Service line"/>

      <tag name="GSS" type="Function/source"/>

      <tag name="Global" type="Area"/>


      <item item_id="5" title="First Document Title 4" author="Mark Pusateri" pubDate="5/11/2011">

      <tag name="Americas" type="Area"/>


      <item item_id="6" title="First Document Title 5" author="Mark Pusateri" pubDate="6/12/2012">

      <tag name="Japan" type="Area"/>


      <item item_id="7" title="First Document Title 6" author="Mark Pusateri" pubDate="3/13/2009"/>

      <item item_id="8" title="First Document Title 6.1" author="Mark Pusateri" pubDate="3/14/2011"/>

      <item item_id="9" title="First Document Title 7" author="Mark Pusateri" pubDate="4/9/2011">

      <tag name="Americas" type="Area"/>







      <mx:AdvancedDataGrid id="mainADG" width="100%" height="100%">




      <mx:HierarchicalData source="{mainArrayColl}"


      tag" />






      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText="Title" dataField="title"/>


      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText="Author" dataField="author"/>


      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText="Publication date" dataField="pubDate"/>



      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumnGroup headerText="Tags" >


      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText="Name" dataField="name"/>


      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText="Type" dataField="type"/>