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    Error I/O




      Does anyone know what "Error Compiling Movie - Error  I/O" means? It happened after exporting AVCHD to .MOV and the file was unreadable by QuickTime.


      Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The I/O is the Input/Output in your system. If you are getting an I/O error, the likely cause is a read/write error with your destination device.


          Can you give us details on your I/O sub-system? This ARTICLE will give you some background and details.


          If there are any external HDD's involved, see this ARTICLE.


          Also note that networked HDD's have their sets of issues.


          Good luck



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            AnnCha11 Level 1

            Thank you. That's helpful. I must have changed the locations of my inported and exported files since my last successful export.


            I'm only using one hard disk on a laptop because I've just been reducing noise on 30 second clips then exporting them one at a time. This was the first clip I had a problem with.


            The HD is  - Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320GB SATA 8MB Cache 2.5 inch.

            It has 195 GB freespace

            I think the speed is 5400


            For this clip I was importing it from a folder of raw footage on the desktop. Then I exported it back to the desktop itself.


            I'll go back to keeping inports and exports separate.


            Thanks very much for your help.