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    HD Video Compression Issue

    Tom Lyon Level 1

      I'm looking for information on weather or not Flash CS5 (I currently use Flash 8) can handle HD video compression for web streaming.  I have tried this using Flash 8 but only get an error, however as you might expect Flash 8 does compress standard definition video for web streaming. I have done research on the internet, but really haven't come up with a definite answer except to find references to using Sorenson Squeeze or Final Cut Pro, but I don't want to pay for another Video editing program (currently using Final Cut Express) if I can upgrade Flash and get the HD compression feature.


      Any help and advise would be apreciated. Thanks

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          Rothrock Level 5

          If you're publishing for Flash 9 or higher (which CS5 can do) then you can publish to H.246. I would think that FCE could do that.


          Normally I would say that you could download a trial and see for yourself. But I think because 5.5 has been announced Adobe isn't offering a trial for the next couple of weeks. There were a lot of improvement to the Flash video encoder in CS5. That being said if you really want to do a lot of intense video work you should get the best tools.