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    Will adobe audition cs5.5 come with a free 30day trial?

    donaldhorton.voices.com Level 1


      After completing a voice-over session today, I unplugged my audio interface and the software crashed. And every time I try to open up the session (.sesx file), audition crashes. So I've lost ALL of my work. I always send my crash reports to Adobe; and an Adobe rep in this forum said many bugs have been fixed since November. I've repeated asked for a more recent beta containing these fixes  (see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/833365?tstart=0) , however the closest I got to a response is from “Charles VW” who said “We'll make an announcement on this forum and elsewhere if anything else comes out” . I guess the announcement was cs5.5. But based on my experience with the 11/9/10 beta (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/audition/) I would NOT spend the $350 to buy this software. I really want to use adobe audition because everyone says it's awesome. So can we PLEASE get the latest beta? If not, where can I download a FREE 30day trial?