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    Related Topics button incorrectly showing links to topics from other layouts

    CAcademy Level 1

      I am using RoboHelp HTML  I produce several WebHelp Single Source Layouts from one RoboHelp project.  Each layout features a subset of files from the project.  For example, in layout A, I have related topics 1, 2, and 3.  In layout B, I only have related topics 1 and 3.  In all topics, I inserted the same Related Topics button that features links to all three topics.  Previously, in other versions of RH, regardless of what topics were associated with a Related Topics button, the only topic links that showed up were those that existed in the particualr layout you were viewing.  So, if I was viewing Topic 1 in Layout B, it only showed links in the Related Topics button for Topics 1 and 3.  However, I noticed recently that all the links are appearing, even those for topics that weren't in the layout.  So, if you click on a link, it gives you an error not found page.  Is this possibly a bug?   Or has the functionality changed and I have to taillor each Related Topics button individually for each topic so no topics outside its layout appear?