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    CS5 Alert Crash Log Messages

    pip *

      Is there a page that lists the various log messages displayed by the "After Effects Alert" screen in CS5 following a crash?

      If such a page exists please point me to it.


      I'm using 10.0.1 on a Mac Pro running 10.6.6 and currently experiencing more than my fair share of crashes.

      Obviously something is wrong with my workflow so a place to find explanations to the crash alerts would really help.



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          pip * wrote:

          I'm using 10.0.1 on a Mac Pro running 10.6.6...


          I don't know of a page such as you describe, but I do see you're running AE 10.0.1.  Depending on what you're doing, the recently-available update to 10.0.2 might prove to be helpful; it came out just last week.  I think by now it may even be available simply by going Help>Update while in AE.

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            pip * Level 1

            Thanks Dave.

            I tried the update to 10.0.2 when it was released but the updater failed to work.

            Adobe Application Manager gave the following dialogue:

            "Some updates failed to install. Update is not applicable".


            Apple's Get Info for the application says version 1.0.1 and the Adobe about box says version

            I ran "updates" from the After Effects help menu again this morning but the response is "no updates available"

            I have the retail copy of CS5 and used the retail version of the updater.

            I've asked in a couple of posts if there are problems with the updater but your's is the first response.


            It's certainly no coincidence that my problems started after trying to update to 10.0.2 but it's hard to tell whether that's down to the current workflow.

            I've re-run the OSX 10.6.6 combo updater, updated the Decklink software and trashed the preferences but no luck as yet.


            I've read a lot of your posts both here and on the cow regarding multiprocessing, at the moment it's off but before the problems it was on.

            I've tried turning Open GL both on and off for previews only, disabling previews with the Decklink card but the crashes keep coming.

            I'm stuck really...


            Only moved up to CS5 to take advantage of faster and longer previews. Wish I'd stuck with the reliable CS3.

            Too late to turn back now though...