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    error message




      I found some DRM protected books I had in an old computer, nonetheless I am not able yo open them, as I get the following error message:



      Erreur Adobe DRM

      Système:  7

      Etat:  4

      Classe:  15

      Code:  31

      Message:  Erreur lors de la réponse du serveur.

      Faites défiler l'affichage ci-dessous ou consultez le journal error.log pour plus de détails.

      Your Adobe software could not be activated.

      HTTP error on Adobe DRM Activator request.

      Adobe DRM Activator error.

      Client Code:  31 - HTTP Code:  555

      Fault location:  15

      --- fin ---


      Can anybody help?





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          Level 4

          What you're seeing isn't in ADE itself, but an error in communication

          between your computer and the Adobe website.  The French translates as

          'Error waiting for server to respond.   ....review the entries in the

          error.log file for more details'.  I don't think Adobe is really involved

          here - just an innocent bystander that's messed up by the Internet



          As for the books, you can copy them to a portable media, then load them to a

          folder on your computer.  When ADE gets fixed so it works, you can use the

          Library functions to add books to the library from that folder.