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    Can't convert .doc to .pdf using Acrobat 9.4.3.




      Last night for some reason Acrobat 9 suddenly stopped converting any MS Word .docs to .pdfs.  It gives me the following message:



      Acrobat could not open 'XYZ.doc' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded).

      To create an Adobe PDF document, go to the source application. Then print the document to Adobe PDF or use the Acrobat toolbar found in Microsoft Office applications.



      I swear it was working earlier. So I checked for an update and it gave me 9.4.3 so I updated and it didn't fix the problem.  I also tried several different files and got the same message.


      I'm using OS 10.6.7 Acrobat 9.4.3 and MS Word 11.3.5 (2004).





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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Macintosh version of Acrobat has never converted Word .doc files to PDF. (Many, many of us would love that ability!) The Windows version DOES include that ability. Perhaps you were working in Windows?

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            S.Solan Level 1

            Hey Steve.  Thanks for your reply.  I swear I converted a Word Document to a .pdf just the other day on my MBP.  It worked fine.  This is strange.  Has anyone ever been able to convert a .doc to a .pdf on a MAC?





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              Phillip M Jones Level 4

              What version of Word do you Have?


              Word 2004 if you had Acrobat as well the PDFmaker menu bar was installed by Acrobat you could convert a .doc Document to PDF.  It required the use of VBA and and a Macro which created the PDFMaker menu.  I was Secretary and Treasurer of an association for 30 years and I converted many a 2004 Word Document to PDF using PDFMaker.


              You still had the same problems with word converted to PDF as today. If there are any section Breaks or Page breaks the pdfs were broken up into pieces you have to put back together.


              I still have some .Doc files from early 2006 and with Office 2011, I opened one, and just saved it as a Pdf no trouble. I didn't convert it and didn't save it as a Docx.


              I simply went to Save as and chose  PDF.


              And I also went to Print menu> PDF> adobe quality PDF.  and was able to make a PDF.


              Also I just went to print menu > PDF and just chose PDF which makes an Apple version of PDF.


              I don't know where anyone got the idea you can't make a PDF from a Doc File.  Maybe in a future version That doesn't read doc. but for now

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I has read the poster's query differently. He said that ACROBAT has stopped converting Word files. I interpreted that to mean he was using the File > Open command in Acrobat to open .doc files which can be done in Windows and not on the Mac. I probably read the posting a little too quickly late at night and my brain wasn't totally functional. Sorry.

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                  Phillip M Jones Level 4

                  Your are However, correct That Acrobat Mac can't open Word files directly .doc or .docx directly. That never ever has been a Feature in Acrobat Mac. even in days harkenning back to Systems OS9 and below.