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    How to do the background image for a site

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      First, thanks for reading this.


      I'm planning on using a gradient image as a background on a new site with black on the sides gradiating to blue in the middle which I created in Photoshop. The site is designed for 1024 (955) and up. How would I handle the background image so that no matter what the resolution above 1024, the visitor will see the gradient properly, meaning the blue will always be exactly in the center of the page and the image does not tile horizontally? (I don't want it to repeate from left to right when someone's resolution is really high)


      I have seen a couple of sites that use solid images that appear to stretch the background image depending on the resolution, but have not been able to figure out the CSS code. In my case, I can have a single image that's say 5 pixels high, whatever width I need for the maximum (reasonable) resolution, and let it repeat from top to bottom.


      Thank you.