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    Reload the ADE to my computer


      I downloaded the Adobe Digital Editions to my home computer to us on my NOOK.  It loaded fine but would not open the book.  I called Barnes and Noble and they said to DELETE the ADE from my computer and reload it.  I deleated it but then the ADOBE site will not let me start fresh and download the ADE.  Got on chat with them and was told to do a Ctrl+Shift+D to deactivate the program.  I did this.  They then said I could reactivaate with a DIFFERENT ID when I launch ADE again.  Well, Adobe held my info and would only launch my profile.  Plus, B+N says I must use the Same ID with Adobe that I have with B+N in order for it to work, so I can't sign up with a different ID like Adobe help told me.  Is there any way to have Adobe simply remove me from their site and let me come back and download ADE?  What to do???  This is a stump the stars question, hope someone can HELP.  Thanks

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Ctrl-Shift-D/ (Cmd-Shift-D on the Mac) should bring up the "Deauthorize Computer" dialog.  Clicking on Deauthorize will erase the activation information on your computer.  Then when you restart ADE, you should be asked to enter in your AdobeID - use the same one you have with B&N.


          You've said that you've done this, so at what point did this fail:

          1.) Did the "Deathorize Computer dialog not come up


          2.) Did the authorization not get erased.

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            ksintn@att.net Level 1

            Jim, Thanks so much for getting back to me.  I had a family emergency so have not been on my home computer.

            In answer to your response I did the deathorize and erase did go through and completed.  I loaded the ADE but it still does not download to my home computer.  I will try to be more clear regarding the sequence of events.


            I want to download e-books from my home town library to my NOOK reader.  Both my library and Barnes and Nobel said I had to download the Adobe ADE free to be able to get the e-books.


            The ADE showed up on my home computer under my Programs list in my control panel.


            I downloaded a book from my library to my Nook but the Nook said first it was not an activated account and then would not open the book.


            I called B&N and they said to DELETE the ADE from my computer and deactivate at ADOBE then reload it back to my computer.


            I deleted the program then attempted to again download ADE to my computer.


            ADOBE lets me launch the ADE program and my profile appears.  The ADE program does NOT appear on my home computer add/delete program list as it did the first time I loaded it and deleated it.


            I can download the e-books from ADOBE by dragging them to my nook.


            When I go to my hometown library and try to download a book it tells me I have to Download the ADE program to my home compter.  Even when I hit the link ADOBE takes me to my library with them but the book does not appear.


            It seems ADOBE thinks I have the ADE on my computer since I downloaded it once.  It does not seem to register that I deleted it from my computer and

            need to download it again.


            I cannot simply create another account because ADOBE keeps by e-mail address even after I deactivated the account.  When I try to create a new account it says I may not because that e-mail address is already in use. Plus, I have to use the exact same ID and PW for B+N and ADOBE or they cannot communicate with each other.


            I am not computer wise by any stretch but believe I have done everything right.   Please, please can you help?