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    Precise dimensioning a clip for a split screen...

    shooternz Level 6

      Anyone got an idea how I can  Crop / Scale / whatever ...a bunch of clips to achieve precise dimensions from within Premiere..


      eg 640 x 360


      I am creating a  9 way split screen  within a 1920 x 1080 dimension sequence.

      It becomes an eleven layer sequence when graphics and logos are included.

      (Worthy of noting.  Premiere plays this all in real time thanx to the miracle of CUDA and MPE)


      The clips are from a variety of sources - mxf, dv,1080p, 720p avi etc...


      The trick is to get the exact dimension required to neatly fit the 1080p. and create precise edges that align.

      (Note: Crop works in % and not pixels.  This makes the exercise difficult and especially when scaling is also required)


      Positioning the clips in the Full frame is not an issue.


      Now.. I know I could create a 640 x 360 sequence and then nest them.  but this is really slow and inflexible considering I have lots of them to do and need the ability to change them out at the whim of the client.


      AFter Effects is not a real option either for same reason.


      Hopefully someone has a smart idea for me on this.



      ASIDE:  It would be great to have Rulers in the Premiere Titler.  Anyone else think so?