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    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0     Access Denied error?


      Running as an Administrator in Vista Home Premium 32 bit, I am unable to upgrade Reader 9.0 due to the above message during installation of Reader 10 (Run as Administrator). When I check the properties of the 1.0 file folder I get "Unable to display current owner." and I can not change the owner to change the access to allow an upgrade. I have tried dropping down to DOS and changing the attributes without success. I can not delete this file folder from DOS or Vista   in order to install a Reader update. Other tricks like renaming or moving it to another file folder are also met with "You do not have sufficient privileges". How do I get around this problem short of invoking Debug, prying the magnetic bits off of the hard drive with my teeth, or firing up a blow torch? (I'm out of liquid nitrogen but I do have a hammer.)