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    scrolling text

    Sabbathacker Level 1
      I have a textbox instance named "myText"
      In an AS layer I have:

      myText.text = "Whatever I want my text to be...";

      So that works just fine. Is there a way to scroll the text from right to left? Am I on the right track?
      I can make it a mc and animate it, but with a large amount of text, that changes almost daily, its a pain in the arse!

      Any advice would be great!
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          sbryner Level 1
          I'd look into attaching a UIscrollBar component. Drag it from the components window to the stage then in the parameters you link it to the text box using the

          so _targetInstanceName = myText // your text box instance name.

          then horizontal = true // instead of false;

          try dragging the component around the text box as well to see what will happen.
          but in order for it to scroll the text it must be attached "linked" to your text box instance.

          hope this helps.


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            Ankur Arora Level 1
            Make a movie clip instance name my_mc and registration point should be "top-left".
            Place this Movie Clip on Stage and write the below code on frame actions of root time line.
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              Sabbathacker Level 1
              Thanks Ankur! Did you write that off the top of your head or clip from somewhere online?

              Either way, thanks!