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    How to read xml file as shown below.

    Dhwani_K_shah Level 1


      I am using flash builder 4 and currently working on implementing AIR application.

      I need to read xml file data.

      Normal xml files are easy to read and i am much more aware of it.

      But can any one have idea how to read XML file which is given below.





















      Here i have xml file in form of key value pair. <key> node shows name of the key and after that <integer> or <string> node are the value for that specific key.

      if i select node.key then it shows me all the keys. and from that i cant make out what is the value for key ID.

      Is there any way to take first node and then second. i mean first i ll take value of key and store it into some arraycollection. and then value will be stored.


      Any help is appreciated.. Looking for positive reply.