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    External HDD options


      I currently use a 13" macbook (black) for editing and will be upgrading within the year to a new pro model. Firstly i need to sort out my HDD options and i am trying to decided on an external bus powered one for editing on location.


      I know i need a 7,200rpm drive and 2 firewire 800 ports to be able to daisy chain it to my backup drive when back home. Unfortunately the new MBPs still dont have e-STAT so that rules that out. What is the advantage of a RAID 0 setup for this situation over a standard drive?


      i'm comparing the G-Tech mini, the G drive and the G raid mini at the moment and can't find any comparisions about continious speed needed for editing.


      Im editing HD footage from a DSLR so lots of short clips and some after effects work.


      also i've recntly read a bit about having 2 seperate drives for input and output.... will this make much difference? if thats the case would it be faster to write to the laptop HDD? I'm planning on having a SSD drive in my future laptop for just the O/S and applications, all media content on the external drive.


      Cheers for any isight



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          Those MBPs are less than ideal because Firewire 800 is still slow. In fact, Firewire 800's maximum sustained transfer speed is still slower than the average sequential transfer speed of most of today's current-generation hard drives (or put it this way, today's mainstream single hard drives can sustain more than 100 MB/s on average while Firewire 800 is limited in sequential transfers to only about 85 MB/s). As a result, even a single current-generation hard drive will completely saturate the bandwidth of Firewire 800 - and by the very same token, any of those external G-RAIDs will be bottlenecked by the Firewire 800 interface.

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            I have been editing SD Projects with a bunch of FW-800 externals, and have no issues editing from/to. Now, my FW-800 controller has two chips, one per port, so unless I daisy chain, I have good throughput. I would have gone to eSATA, earlier, but was so heavily invested in the FW-800 units. New box will have both eSATA and FW-800 (for legacy drives).


            Remember, I am editing SD, but some big-honking SD Projects.


            Good luck,