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    Acrobat Reader X stores PDFs in Temp-folder even when HTTP-headers say no-cache no-store


      After updating from Acrobat Reader 9 to 10 we have noticed that PDFs viewed in the browser are left behind in the Temp-folder even after the browser has been closed.


      Http-headers in the response from the server

      Cache-Controls: no-cache,no-store,max-age=0,post-check=0,pre-check=0

      Content-Type: application/pdf

      Content-Disposition: inline; filename="xxxxxxxx.pdf"

      Expires: 0

      Pragma: no-cache


      Folder: [User-folder]\AppData\Local\Temp

      Filename-format: PDFxxx.tmp

      Browsers: Firefox 3.6, Opera 11, Safari 5

      Plugin: Acrobat Reader 10



      Simply add a .pdf extension to the file and open again in Acrobat Reader. Since the server has set headers indicating that this PDF should not be stored locally, it is a severe security hole leaving traces of this PDF on the filesystem.


      Is this a problem Adobe is aware of? When can we expect this to be fixed?