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    File always gets corrupted after just a few changes

    Ninarama Level 1

      I have a big ressource XFL file which keeps a lot of graphic ressources for a computer game.

      It contains a lot of externally linked graphic symbols (Linked as AS3 classes)


      This file is extremely prone to getting corrupt after just a few changes. It's like walking through a mine-field.


      The main symptom is: Suddendly flash starts duplicating layers and Symbols - seemingly endless!


      What can it be that triggers this? I always close and re-open the file when this happen and everything is back to normal for some minor changes until it happens again.


      There are also some symbols where it takes almost half a minute before it can be displayed in the library preview window when clicking on it in the library, with very high CPU consumptions.


      Being a programmer myself I suspect that there is something like a "feedback loop" that causes this behaviour: Some internal back-referencing of nested symbols which gets caught in some kind of loop at a certain point.