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    Automated Chroma Keying

    unihumi Level 1

      Every day my customer sends me a videofile they recorded in front of a green screen. Normally I start AE and put Keylight on the file and insert a background. Then I render it out and send it back.

      I know of the watch folder feature After Effects has. But it does only render out .aep files (AE projects). Is there a way to let AE detect the new videofile, put the effect (Keylight) on it (or put it into a PreComp) and render it out in a secific format?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could possibly create a script that would look for a folder, import the file into a project, add keylight with the settings that appear to work most of the time, then add the file to the render cue and crank it out. The problem that I see with this idea is that every keying shot that I have ever worked on requires a bit of tweaking to get right. I'd suggest just creating an animation preset and setting your preferred output module settings as the default.


          Another option would be to use something like Conduit from DV Garage. It generates great live keys and is very easy to use.

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            unihumi Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply. For the script I need to let AE open all the time, right? Shouldn't be too much of a problem for me, but I've never written any script for AE. But then again, I guess this one shouldn't be too complicated, right?


            Well, apparently my footage works just fine with the same effect over and over again. But yeah, once in a while I need to tweak Keylight. But I could live with that.


            I'll check out that dvGarage, you just recommended.