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    Adobe Reader 9 - Freezing browser


      I have used Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and have run into the same problem. Recently, as I have opened .pdfs there has been the ability to read the .pdf for about 30 seconds, and as soon as I scroll down, it locks up my browser. I have taken to saving the .pdf to my computer and printing it as soon as I have opened it without reading it on my computer.


      I have not had problems previously, and found it difficult to blame the .pdfs. I will state, if I used IE, it locked up my whole computer, whereas when I used Chrome, it just had issues within the window.


      I am using Chrome (primarily), Windows Vista (updated regularly) and have not upgraded to Adobe Reader X.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't believe Chrome is a supported browser. Firefox and MSIE depend upon version number and OS. Can you tell us what version of the browsers you are using. You can try to turn of video/hardware acceleration in your video driver to see if that helps.

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            fsball Level 1

            I actually meant I was using Windows 7.


            Also, I use the most current of Internet Explorer and of Firefox, as well as Chrome. All of them froze up in the last few weeks when trying to download certain pdfs within them. Also, I downloaded a pdf from an instructor, and it froze both Reader and Acrobat.


            I keep acceleration off, often, because laptops have a tendency to lock up with acceleration turned on. But I'll try that again.

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              Hello I have the exact same problem as fsball, I'm also using the last versions of firefox but I have upgrated to adobe reader X nevertheless the problem is the same each time try to open a pdf document either on the web or from my saved documents Adobe works for 30 seconds and then froze....

              Please can someone help me, I really need to acces pdf documents for my research.