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    How to invoke a short lived process using web service start point?

    Asim_Adobe Level 1

      I have a custom short-lived process that does not take any input parameter. I am able to successfully invoke the process from LiveCycle Workbench ES2. I want this process to be invoked by a java client through a web service call. Apart from the web service URL of my process (which looks like

      http://<server>:<portno>/soap/services/MyApplication/MyProcess?wsdl&lc_version=9.0.0&versi on=1.0) do the java client know anything else? Any authentication is required?


      My intention is to just find out what all the consumer of this process needs to know to invoke it through a web service call.


      Was anybody able to test a short-lived process through a web service invocation from SoapUI?