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    Is it possible to modify the tag structure tree and the role map via scripting?


      We use unstructured FrameMaker to produce training materials which we distribute as tagged PDF to meet accessibility requirements.


      When FrameMaker creates a tagged PDF, it does a fairly good job of populating the structure based on the PDF setup information for the paragraph formats in the FrameMaker documents. However, there are some limitations in the support that FrameMaker provides. For example, almost all paragraphs are assigned to the P role even if they are headings and should be mapped to H1-H6.

      We want to be able to easily post-process a PDF that has been generated from FrameMaker to fix some of the tag structure issues (including tag names and the role map) so that the PDF will provide the optimum experience for a user of the JAWS screen reader.


      I spent some time reading the SDK documentation but didn't find much information about manipulating a tagged PDF via the API, especially via scripting.

      Does anyone have any examples or references which explain how to do it?