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    Capable Video Play Module Error (Mac knowledge needed)?


      I really need someone who knows Mac OS dual video driver issues and what could cause this error.  My Macbook is brand new out of the box and has the newly changed graphic cards (AMD, not Nvidia) for 2011.  Everything in CS5 master collection works except Premiere Pro. Btw, I'm using the trial downloaded from Adobe. I cannot find any information about this error.  Surely someone else has had this problem.


      Upon starting up Premiere (which never gets past this error msg):  "Adobe Premeire Pro could not find any capable video play modules.  Please update your video display drivers and start again."


      Actions taken thus far with nothing working yet:

      1.) System update so everything should be the latest Rev including the GPUs.

      2.) Tryed starting with battery only to use the Intel GPU and with the power attached to use the AMD GPU. Rebooted

      3.) Tryed both turning on/off the automatic graphics switching feature.  Nothing works. Rebooted


      MacBook Pro 8,2

      Core i7

      2 GHz

      4 Gb Memory

      AMD Radeon HD 6490M, VRAM (256mb)

      Intel HD Graphics 3000, VRAM (384mb)

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          Planetary View

          I just bought a new iMac and am using the Trail version of Master Creative Suite and I'm having the same problem!

          ALthough yesterday I opened up the program numerous times and it worked.

          I have 30 days to get my Teacher license paperwork processed.


          This is not good.

          I see there were no answers, but this guy must have figured it out...could you please tell me what you did?


          Thanks very much

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            Planetary View Level 1

            Okay, never mind.


            By using different search words I found info on this issue all over - going back to 2004 or earlier.

            You would think Adobe would have found more solutions - I read a lot of frustration.

            uninstall and reinstall the software to solve all problems?

            Turn off all security and firewalls?

            (I hope that's only while installing...it would be ridiculous to have to turn off all security measures just to run the programs, but I honestly couldn't tell for sure on the posts I read)


            I jumped ship from Final Cut Pro to come here - this is supposed to be better.

            From the posts on these blogs, I am a bit nervous.


            However, I know people only ask questions when they have a problem.

            and thank God for these blogs for solving problems!

            Nonetheless, hope I made the right decision. It was an expensive one.

            I just didn't expect to have to be reading blogs for several hours looking for solutions after using the program five times.


            Thanks to all who may read this.