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    Video Display Module Error (Mac knowledge needed)?


      This is an update to the previous post. I really need someone who knows Mac OS dual video driver issues and what could cause this error.  My Macbook is brand new out of the box and has the newly changed graphic cards (AMD, not Nvidia) for 2011.  Everything in CS5 master collection works except Premiere Pro. Btw, I'm using the trial downloaded from Adobe. I cannot find any information about this error.  Surely someone else has had this problem.


      Upon starting up Premiere (which never gets past this error msg):  "Adobe Premeire Pro could not find any capable video play modules.  Please update your video display drivers and start again."


      Actions taken thus far with nothing working yet:

      1.) System update so everything should be the latest Rev including the GPUs.

      2.) Tryed starting with battery only to use the Intel GPU and with the power attached to use the AMD GPU. Rebooted

      3.) Tryed both turning on/off the automatic graphics switching feature.  Nothing works. Rebooted


      MacBook Pro 8,2

      Core i7

      2 GHz

      4 Gb Memory

      AMD Radeon HD 6490M, VRAM (256mb)

      Intel HD Graphics 3000, VRAM (384mb)