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    WPF WebBrowser control and hostContainer.postMessage


      I have tried all kinds of things and I am beginning to think that it is not possible to

      do the following:


      • I have a local PDF that has some Javascript in it
      • I am using a WPF WebBrowser control and using the Navigate method with a URI to the local file (i.e. C:\tmp\Sample.pdf)
      • I would like to invoke some javascript in the form using a AcroPDFLib.IAcroAXDocShim


      Is it possible to do this?


      I have debugged the javascript to the point that I can see that the "this.hostContainer" is "undefined".  Is this what should be expected?


      I have read in the documentation that in order to post messages to a PDF, the host container and the PDF must set the disclosed property to true.  How do I do this when I the hostContainer is not defined?


      Any help would be appreciated...