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    Can Flex create a .fla?

      I am trying to create batch ".fla"s. Without going into much detail I am trying to create(for example) 25 .flas with a certain template and inject some static content into them from an XML file. I need the .fla to be static (yes that may sound odd) and I realize yes I can create 1 dynamic .fla that produces 25 different swfs.

      If Flex cannot do this is there another program/language that can achieve my results? I hope this all makes sense...
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          peterent Level 2
          Flex cannot create FLAs - they are source files for the Flash IDE.

          The Flash IDE has an authoring/scripting language called Flash JavaScript. Once upon a time a used it to batch build SWFs.

          You'll have to check the Flash documentation or post your question to the Flash forums.