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    Extend Script UI / InDesign UI IconButton Resource Specifications [ID][JS][CS4]

    fabianmoronzirfas Level 1



      I'm working on a user interface with with IconButtons and have a a little problem.

      I'm triying to get rid of the box around my IconButton.

      This is my resource string:

                  var fRes =  "group{orientation:'column', alignment:['left','top'],\
                  u: IconButton {text:'Move Item Up',preferredSize:[125,25],image:'"+x_data.ufile+"'},\
                  d: IconButton {text:'Move Item Down',preferredSize:[125,25],image:'"+x_data.dfile+"'},\
                  rl: IconButton {text:'Refresh List',preferredSize:[125,25],image:'"+x_data.rlfile+"'},\
                  rm: IconButton {text:'Check In Out',preferredSize:[125,25],image:'"+x_data.rmfile+"'},\
                pal.main.edit = pal.main.add(fRes);


      I need to get the


      style: "toolbutton" 


      somehow into it but dont know how (tried so many different ways).

      Can somebody please give me a hint?






      P.S. Also i would like to ask if somebody knows some more reference to the ressource specs

      I already use:

      Javascript Toolsguide

      Peter Kahrels Script UI for Dummies (great thing but not a lot about resource specs)

      Is there any more documentation?