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    Importing pdf/odp files as background


      My manager came to me today asking if cp5 supports either pdf files or odp files that can be imported as powerpoint slides? There's no direct/easy way that I could find to achieve this, so I'm opening up to the people in this forum for a workaround. I've tried to export the odp files at ppt files and CP5 did not like that, I've also tried to import the pdf a few different ways and could not get my desired results.


      Thanks in advance!!

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          brightonjon Level 2

          I've not tried this as I don't have any odp files, so it may not work, but ...


          You mention ppt files which is the old Powerpoint type. Can you open the odp in Powerpoint 2007 or later?


          If you can open it and then save as pptx - not ppt -  then you might be able to rip the source image from there.


          pptx files are just zip files - rename the extension and you should be able to extract all the media objects in standard images formats that Cp understands.


          In fact, you might even be able to rename the odp as a zip without needing to go through powerpoint.

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            streicham16 Level 1

            Ahhh, I forgot to mention, the whole reason for me testing this out is so we do not have to keep updating licenses for MS office. Since .odp files are open source my manager wants to keep costs down and go this route.