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      I recently went to open a

      saved pdf file and was prompted to enter a password. I have never needed a password before. I found that several but not all of my pdf files were requiring a password. I ran a repair to Reader 9 then installed Reader X but no help. Any suggestions?

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          Hello MontanaT,


          Is the PDF file you're trying to open was given to you by someone else?


          A PDF document might have a password if the one who created it put a password on it, especially if they used Acrobat application to password-protect the file. If the file has been forwarded to you by someone else, then you will need to go back to that person to ask for the password.


          If the password has been forgotten, I'm afraid there will be no other way to open the file. Even Adobe will not be able to help you as the password is in the document itself and that's not being transmitted to the Adobe server.


          Some might referred you to a PDF password remover sites, but it has limitations in opening a password-protected file.


          Please note that PDF Password Remover doesn't work with  documents which have 'user' password (preventing the files from being  opened), if both user and owner passwords are unknown the PDF Password  Remover will fail.


          I hope this helps.