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    Rendering crashes at beginning --Ramp Plugin -- In Depth Flag?


      This just started last night.  New behavior, but I haven't installed anything, and I have a good virus program running.


      This happens as its trying to make the first frame.

      The RAMP is on a background solid, so I tried turning off everything else and rendering just the background.  CRASH, even when I try to save 1 frame to PS.


      Then, I turned off the background, and tried rendering......this time it crashes on the "Drop Shadow" plugin.


      One last thing:  I started a brand new empty project, made a ramp and guess what?  Renders with no problem.....Hmmm


      Its like a puzzle....anybody care to play? 



      (I'm on Windows 64 bit Vista,  8 GB ram,  Intel Quad Core, 2.3 Ghz)