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    Help me understand styling/skinning inheritance


      I am trying to skin my application and I have sort of seen how catalyst does it and read a bunch online but I am having a really hard time figuing out how everything interacts..


      For instance, I have an EventWindow component (built on BorderContainer) that is supertype for specific kinds of event windows.


      I want to skin/style the EventWindow in such a way that it affects all its subtypes. Is that even possible? or do I have to style them individually anyway?

      The reason I made the superclass in the first place was because I figured I could just apply all the styles to it and they would filter down.


      For instance I am trying to apply a backgroundImage.. but it doesn't seem to show up no matter what I do.


      i tried styling it on my EventWindow component and then on the subtype itself in the form

      evt|ExerciseWindow {

      backgroundImage: Embed("/assets/images/windowpops/evtwindowbg.png");



      but it doesn't show up..


      I tried putting it in as a design layer on the EventWindow component, and it showed up there, but did not carry over to the subtype components...


      Any way of getting this to work?