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    Unloading current media via JavaScript?

    Robert Reinhardt Level 2

      Is it possible to unload a piece of media from StrobeMediaPlayback 1.5.1 from JavaScript? In ActionScript, I could do it with the media property and traits, etc, but JavaScript won't let me access the media property, even with "getMedia()". Any thoughts?



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          Robert Reinhardt-CPrujx

          As a followup, I added an "unload" handler to the JavaScriptBridge class for SMP 1.5.1 that is mapped to this private method:


          private function unloadMedia():void {



                         var trait:LoadTrait = mediaPlayer.media.getTrait(MediaTraitType.LOAD) as LoadTrait;






          I thought this was working, but the connection on the server-side (FMS) seems to be active still with RTMP urls. Help!